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Facebook Ads Secrets [Training]

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  • Introduction

  • What you will learn

  • Why choose Facebook over other ads platforms

  • Understanding Ads Placements

  •  The New Facebook Ads Structure

  • Mastering bidding | Decide on CPC or CPM using Maths [Ending The Debate]Understanding Ads Placements

  • The Solution to dropping CTR [How to keep it high]

  •  When to bid for CPC [While still paying less]

  •  When to use oCPM


  • The power of Audience Insights Tool

  • Using Power Editor Effectively

  • [2] Website Custom Audience – Use Case + Technical

  • [1] Retargeting with Website Custom Audience – Why and How – IMPORTANT


  • Create your Squeeze Page in Facebook Tab with MailChimp

  • Full featured Facebook tab squeeze page

  • Create Quick Ads with PowerPoint [Templates, Guide & Vector Assets Download]