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Is Facebook taking the lights off email marketing?


Is Facebook taking the lights off email marketing?
E-mail marketing has been the number one promotion tool among online marketers and affiliates since years ago.. and I still believe it is a fantastic strategy and approach, and it is still in service with a glamorous appeal.

Hundreds of training courses, books, webinars and articles has been issued and held just to illustrate winning strategies to creating an email list and selling products and services to subscribers.

The subject of email management and list targeting is too broad to cover here.

However, when you build an email list, you naturally intend to target this list by email..
The Question is – Would you ever decide to target your mailing list via Facebook paid advertising rather than doing so via email?
The short answer is yes, you probably would.
The long answer would entail to first briefly mention how you would do so in the first place. You would simply use Facebook Custom Audience to upload your email list, and don’t worry facebook says your list is secured.. after all, facebook probably have this data, or at least much of it..

Facebook will then filter your list to extract those who are already facebook users from within this list, so for example if you uploaded a 10k email list, you might find like 7.2 already on Facebook and they would be ready for you to target.
This is the “How” now let’s see the “Why”
Reason 1

Unless you implement sophisticated demographics and segmentation technology on your website or blog, you probably don’t know much about your audience base except what they share with you like their email (obviously) in addition to their name and may be gender or age (if you explicitly ask for such info in your form) which you probably don’t.
Facebook takes like half an hour to get your audience ready for targeting but will take up to 3 days to get your audience ready in the “Audience Insights” and you might want to wait, here is why
In AI (Audience Insights) you will not only get to know more about your audience, but will be able custom segment your audience in groups and target each one separately.

You will be able to segment based on demographics, and know their likings (or interest) know who actually spend money online, who is a page admin. With a small twist, and minor effort, you will be able to target those who tend to click more on ads or tend to engage more with content, like content, comment or share.. This shall help you get your content go more viral or get you more qualified leads based on online expenditure behaviours.

Reason 2

The second reason, is Traffic based segmentation. So you have a website, or a blog and you promote your services via email. Some engage, drilldown to your content, some were about to check out but don’t to some reason, to my knowledge, at the time of this article was written, you can only get to know these users if they only login to your site at the time they start their navigation, and this will then require some work on the GA (Google Analytics) side or may be with some third-party integration.
With Facebook Pixel code applied, you can then retarget those who visit your site based on the pages they visited (easily) and the recency of their visit. you make some secret offers to those who exited before checking out, and better, hide this ad from showing to those who already bought your product.
Reason 3

The Third reason is a simple one, get more like this segmented audience you prepared, to reach out to. simply you would click on create a look alike audience and stay very close to the left on the slider bar, to get the most similar audience rather than a wider reach (this will be more than enough for your campaign) and you can always add more
How about you, Let us know about your experience with custom audience.

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