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The Wrong Facebook Reach

Facebook “Reach” Optimisation [Series]


As Facebook number of users is tremendously growing, and the platform is adding more feature regularly. Businesses are in turn getting more and more urged to penetrate into the system. After all, this where their audiences are, and it is inevitable to assert their presence in there.


Reach, is one of the major KPIs that every business (or page admin) is closely looking at, and is always optimizing for this index.

However, you – as a marketer – should know where to look exactly in the reports and what do these numbers mean, so that these metrics don’t trick you.


Post-Reach and Engagement

This simply illustrates how many users your post has reached. This depends on some parameters, like time of post, type of post (ex. video posts get higher reach than text-only posts), artwork, title,…etc.

Reach does not necessarily mean that users have given enough attention to your post, it just mean that it showed in their newsfeed.


Misleading reach

Sometimes editors and admins tend to share posts from other pages hoping that these posts will get noticed and reach more audience.

The “Reach” figure that you see in the page analytics, is related to the post not your page. To make it clearer, let’s see this example. If you (shared) a post that has a good attention that belongs to another page (and you shared it as a FB Page not as a user) this reach is counted for the post and whatever engagement that this post gets does not reflect on your page.

The only benefit that you can get is the fairly rare opportunity of getting some attention to your page, and this counts of course.

(in the coming episodes we will illustrate more techniques of creating viral original content for optimized reach)



These posts are penalized

Facebook has released an announcement late in 2014 that some post will be “Penalized”. Before getting into the type of penalised posts, let’s see how this affect you.


The effect

Penalised posts are suppressed in their reach. This means that if your post should organically reach 10,000 users, it will rather reach only 1,000 or so. Facebook is not clear exactly what will happen but they promise that the reach will be dramatically throttled.


Penalised post types

Facebook has stated 2 main types of such posts to be throttled in reach:

  • Ads-like posts: example of fb forbidden ad
    Many might see this as unfair, but that is what will happen if your posts is whether directly or indirectly promoting something. The example they illustrated was for an announcement of a TV show.


  • Cheesy posts:
    This sounds so much legitimate (at least to me)
    These are the type of posts provoking or enticing users to click on the post to go to an external link. for example, the photo shows a handshaking men and the post text says “you wont believe it when you see who are these or “what happens next will blow your mind. Facebook says they can estimate these legitimacy of these posts by how long does it take the user to get back to Facebook after navigating outside. So if the user seems to be reverted back right away, then this post had something phishy. So bottom line is that you should avoid such posts. One might have previously used it to get inbound traffic to a website, but currently this shall not be the case, or you should make sure that what a user will see is really going to blow his mind.


Stay tuned for the coming episodes on FB reach optimisation


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