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No more Facebook Ads (Organic)

Looks like the new year for many businesses will not be a good one. Or at least it is time to change the social content strategy.

Facebook claims that it ran a survey across hundreds of thousands of users, and they mostly agree that they see too many ads in their timeline. Facebook team decided to dig much further and see how does this happen,

and here are the findings:

Many of these ads, come from pages’ regular posts rather than being an ad by itself. Yes this regular post that make an offer and hope that your fans see it and engage with it. Not any more..
They say (the facebook team) that the timeline is a very competitive place andnumber of ads showing to users must controlled by the algorithm of facebook.

Ads of this kind will be simply Penalized

your organic posts or rather advertising posts will be penalized, i.e. not show to users in their timeline as much as it should normally do.

Then what Facebook Wants you to do in order to show this to your fans?
The answer is simple, guess what, create an ad

when this change will take place?

Starting January 2015, Facebook will roll-out the new changes and starting penalizing ads posts from appearing into your fans timeline. Or as per facebook “fall significantly over time”

Your turn,

Do you buy this?
Shall this impact your social content strategy?

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