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Audience Insights, You have been using it the wrong way!

Audience Insights, in many occasions, among marketers (even the gurus) is interpreted as just a dynamic demographics visualisation and insight tools with some extra information that is acquired from users activities on Facebook..

in other instances, it is mixed up with the “Page Insight” tool that you find in your page admin panel..

This one is.. wrong

However, Audience insights is way more than this

May be it’s the name that is causing all the confusion…

So here is how you can make it work to your favour and get the maximum out of it..

So, Insights is your dynamic tool to slice and dice your audience and save them in groups

  • Create Audience Segmentation

  • Save to audience groups

  • Promote your ad to these groups

You will start with a light popup box. when you select “Everyone on

Facebook” you will get the US selected by default in the location box, unless this is where your target is, make sure to turn this off before you proceed.

Always look in the header bar to see the approximate number of audience that are active in one month based on your segmentation.

and in this header bar it says the estimated number of audience that is based on your selections… so far it is the US

Let’s say I have some custom audience that are based on mobile numbers, and I want to target only the males among these customers…

If you have some custom audience predefined, this tool will be way more helpful to you..

For example, for a custom audience list of mobile numbers (MSISDNs) from an offline store registration card or CRM or email addresses from your online subscribers form, you can load it right in the Insights tool and let it do the magic and tell you much more about such audience group.

you get to see how they are divided as in age and gender,You can do further slicing of this segmentation right from the graph for demographics as well as the location, so you can just click on any group of the graph and the rest will dynamically change accordingly

Now, imagine how you can load your competitors pages in here and see how there demographics are mapped and even get your message broad casted to them.

You should be able to see what pages, topics and subjects they tend to like.

This tip is very useful; learn how to set your campaign expectations from the Activities, see how your audience tend to engage with content, do they tend to like posts, share them or leave a comment? this is in comparison to the general FB users audience..

I simply call it the “Engagment”

What happens when promote to high engaging customers; your content will go viral and got to be seen by more organically. Something that I can write 10s of pages about..

What is really good is that you can do more segmentation and slicing, like among such audience, you might want to zoom in on users in a specific city, specific age bracket

the list is quite long … and interesting including behaviour, education, financials,…etc.

How can you make good use of such data?

Mainly you will want to learn more about your perfect audience to target in your next campaign, assuming that this way you will get more interested group of audience, so your CTR will be high enough thus drastically reducing your advertising cost while getting a high quality audience…

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