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The right mindset of social-networks for business

Social networks for business

Most businesses nowadays consider having a place on social networks is inevitable. Everyone is their ,and you don’t want to be left behind. Well, in many cases this is true. However, creating a fanpage and a twitter handler with business logo and some nice product image with couple of posts and tweets is as good as nothing.

Let’s be frank, you are there for business, you want to engage with your prospects, and converge leads to become your customer and keep them as much as you can.

Here is a transcript to get social (networking)

Engage, Say something..

There is a reason for the name “Social”, you must have something to say and it better grabs people’s attention to get them engage with your content.

“Engagement” is what these networks actually sell. Facebook ads for example, charges for Likes, Comments, and Shares.

Respond to fans comments, show that you care, thank them, work on their complains.

Facebook is NOT your website

Though it is very important to go where your customers are, post and engage with them, you should always have a target and KPIs or simply a measurement unit.

Creating audience and fans in the early stage might be a good target, but you should not continue to just build a fan base and do nothing with it. Remember, you are there to serve your business and eventually increase your convergence rate.

Social networks should rather act as traffic gateways. some or most of your posts should be a snippet for a content on your website, so users are directed to your site to continue reading or viewing your content.

Engage more on your website

Now you got more prospects to visit your website. Make your visitors feel good about doing so. This is the place for your best and premium content, your giveaways…etc. Engage more.

Blog is one of the best tools to engage customers, and keep them in your confined territory. prompt them to leave a comment and reply back to their comments.

Offer opt-in to your newsletter, and show a good reason to do so, what will they get when they subscribe

Offer premium documents for free, people will love to download, keep and consume your content (it should be good). PDF documents and reports is like your next level of authoritative content and leaves a very good impression that you are a reference in this domain.


Yes, now is a good time to offer your products and convert your prospects to customers.

State your offering clearly (the product and the price) and make your call-to-action clear, obvious and standing out of the adjacent content.

On your pre-final page or payment page, make it neat with no other content to compete with it. You have gone so far, You would not like it that users get distracted with other content and diverge out of this page, and definitely no networks-ads like google ads for example.

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