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digital marketing diploma course

Digital Marketing Diploma [course]

Digital Marketing Diploma [DMD Course] We have finally just released the Digital Marketing Diploma The DMD [Digital Marketing Diploma] is designed to offer a series of modules and courses, each one is one step forward in the roadmap to your ultimate successful online business. You will be able to excel ...

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Arab Affiliate Summit

How to Launch Online Products

My Session in the Arab Affiliate Summit   The roadmap to launch an online product. The complete process with actual case studies for an online course on udemy to launching a marketing web tools. Free goodies and bonuses at the end, so don’t miss it Watch the Whole Session  

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The Wrong Facebook Reach

Facebook “Reach” Optimisation [Series]   As Facebook number of users is tremendously growing, and the platform is adding more feature regularly. Businesses are in turn getting more and more urged to penetrate into the system. After all, this where their audiences are, and it is inevitable to assert their presence ...

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Can you Audit your Competition?

 So you think you can only learn a little  about your competition? Think Again.. We always tend to assess the performance of some one or some business online. Everyone knows Alexa, and it is a lovely tool with some nice and rich insights like the global and local ranking as ...

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Social Media [the business way]

Most businesses nowadays consider having a place on social networks is inevitable. Everyone is their ,and you don’t want to be left behind. Well, in many cases this is true. However, creating a fan-page and a twitter handler with business logo and some nice product image with couple of posts ...

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Audience Insights, You have been using it the wrong way!

Audience Insights, in many occasions, among marketers (even the gurus) is interpreted as just a dynamic demographics visualisation and insight tools with some extra information that is acquired from users activities on Facebook.. in other instances, it is mixed up with the “Page Insight” tool that you find in your ...

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No more Facebook Ads (Organic)

Looks like the new year for many businesses will not be a good one. Or at least it is time to change the social content strategy. Facebook claims that it ran a survey across hundreds of thousands of users, and they mostly agree that they see too many ads in ...

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